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21 de febrero del 2024
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This educational exhibition focused on anatomy, physiology and human health allows visitors to see the human body in an unprecedented way thanks to the groundbreaking, innovative, preservation process invented by Dr. Gunther von Hagens.

Since they began touring in 1995, the BODY WORLDS exhibitions have been seen by more than 34 million people around the world.  All specimens on display have been preserved through an advanced preservation technique, known as Plastination, invented in 1977 by doctor and anatomist, Gunther von Hagens. Thanks to his process visitors to BODY WORLDS Vital can see and understand details of the human body, learn how it functions and understand how disease and lifestyle can affect the body.

This temporary exhibition, BODY WORLDS Vital is a unique joint work in science –a collaboration among anatomist, body donors and visitors. Since 1983 more than 13,000 donors from around the world have willed their bodies to benefit the educational and academic objectives offered through Plastination.

The human body is a marvel. Simple yet complex, vulnerable yet resilient, it is built to move, to reach for, to strive.

However, technology at our fingertips,  reliance on cars, and deskbound careers have resulted in increasingly sedentary lifestyles. When coupled with poor nutrition, overeating, addictions to nicotine and other substances,  lack of exercise, stress and lack of healthcare, the body succumbs to distress and disease.

BODY WORLDS Vital celebrates the living human body in its optimal state— healthy, vibrant, vigorous and in motion. It presents the leading health concerns of contemporary times, the causes of these conditions and diseases and ways to prevent or manage them.

Realize the incredible potential of the human body.